Deep Thoughts: There's Something Missing in Your Life and It's a Leather Wrist Strap

I know what you're thinking---a bit presumptuous of me to assume I know what's missing in your life.

But hear me out.

For decades, like myself, you've likely toted your camera around on a neck or cross-body strap. Regardless of the setting, you sling your camera to the side. It dangles off your hip like a six shooter. However, unlike a six shooter, it takes time to power on a camera, frame things up, nail your focus, and take your shot. That transition from hip to hand could take seconds and seconds could be the difference in you getting the shot you want---and not.

But let's take a step back.

Does this matter for portraits? Nope.

Does it matter for landscapes? Doubt it.

Heck, in the above situations you might be in a studio. You might even be on the trail, toting your gear in a comfy backpack or one of those cross-body straps. And to be frank, that would be the right thing to do. Time is not so much of the essence in these situations as it is with...


Street photography. I have, on countless occasions, missed the shot while prowling the streets of streets of Baltimore and DC because of a slow camera-to-hand time. If only there was something on the market that could put the camera in your hand at all times. This is where a good wrist strap comes in.

At a minimum, it needs to be comfortable, durable, and functional. While we're at it, it should also look good. Recently, I tested out a classic leather wrist strap from Due North Leather Goods Co., a small handcrafted operation based out of Toronto.

The wrist strap checks all the boxes. The craftsmanship is outstanding and unlike something you might purchase from some mass-production operation, with Due North, attention to detail lives on. Like a good leather belt, I have no doubt this strap will serve me well for years to come. If like me, you don't want to miss the shot, head on over to their site and pick one up for yourself! And if you're still on team neck strap, don't worry, they have those too.

I used the the strap this past weekend while walking around Alexandria, VA. See more here.

A special thanks to Due North for letting me test out this functional work of art.

Check out Due North on Instagram: @duenorth_leather

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