Roll #31-33: The Prologue

Updated: May 4, 2020

Sometimes, out of the blue, we get an itch. An itch to love, acquire more knowledge, travel, etc. An itch, which when scratched, opens the door to new feelings, knowledge, and adventure.

Recently, as I was sitting at my desk, knee deep in a sea of pivot charts, reporting tools, and fine print of contracts, I began to feel an uneasiness in my brain. A desire, an itch to explore---to experience something new.

Without thinking, I opened Google Maps. A blue dot indicated my location---Baltimore. As I zoomed out, options to scratch this itch began to appear: Assateague Island, DC, Philadelphia. A mixture of the familiar or recently visited. I continued to zoom out.

One by one, new options populated the map and, soon enough, I was staring at the solution. The cure to my itch. New York City. A city where you can lose yourself and find yourself, all at once. Four hours and $50 in tolls later, I pulled up to a quaint Staten Island Victorian steeped in history---home for the weekend. Even from the sidewalk, reading between the lines, the city taunted me.

After a quick tour of the residence, I shared some apple pie with the owner, dropped off my bags, and headed to the ferry terminal---nails deep, scratching away. The itch was abating and the adventure had begun.

A wait. One last breath before diving into the unknown.

With each wave, anticipation builds. The city appears---the buildings, tiny matchsticks on the horizon.

Eventually, the passage ends. The first step off the ferry. The crossing of a threshold. The second, third, fourth steps become a sacred dance towards exaltation. As the doors of the terminal open, it is impossible not to be immediately engulfed---consumed by the city. What once were mere matchsticks are now giants, towering, precariously looming overhead.

Like a feather, uneasiness gently floats. Swaying back and forth in the city air until it rests deep within the adventurer's unsuspecting soul.

Step by step, they wander deeper into a labyrinth flanked by concrete, steel, glass, faces, scents, tastes, and feelings. Eventually, these wanderings imprison and with no other choice---slowly, cautiously, the sacred dance continues.

Camera: Kodak Retina IB + Olympus Stylus 120

Film: FujiFilm 200 + Kodak UltraMax 400

When: September 2019

Where: New York City + Staten Island, NY

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