Roll #55 (Part II): Urban Mix

As Falls Road makes its way East, it bores through a tunnel forged of bricks, stones, and mortar. Like the inside of a shell it winds and twists to create a beautiful illusion. Huge chunks of concrete litter the northern wall---the massive blocks are randomly strewn in heaps like the foamy water of a recently crashed wave.

Beyond the break is a hidden world.

Although mostly broken and covered in ash, to somebody, this was home. There is art, a place to sleep, a makeshift kitchen, and reminders of past meals woven into the ever-present soot. Among the relics is a hope that whoever lived here previously has moved on to a better state of being.

About a mile away is a very different part of town---Mount Vernon. A neighborhood rich in history, monuments, and well-manicured public gardens. When the weather is warm the residents come out of hiding and don masks to socialize and exercise their domesticated beasts.

As the sun goes down, long shadows are cast and reflections are rendered. Windows pretend to be things they are not.

Residents sit and walk their way into the coming darkness. They hope tomorrow brings another chance to flee their prisons. To breathe new air. To feel the light of the sun on their skin.

Camera: Canon AE-1

Film: Ilford HP5 Plus

When: May 2020

Where: Baltimore, MD

Other Images:

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