Roll #56: A Taste of History

Updated: May 20, 2020

Summer is near and Maryland has a lot to offer. For most it means public pools, Orioles baseball, lemon sticks, snowballs, and blue crabs. While there are all intriguing propositions, to me, summer (and spring) in Maryland means getting outdoors.

Over my three years of tenure in the Old Line State, I've seen a lot of Maryland's outdoor offerings. Maybe too many in too little time. As such, I often find myself looking for something new---this translates to me zooming in and out on Google Maps to see what part of the state I've yet to uncover. Recently, Gunpowder Falls was that part of the state.

While only a 20 mile drive north of Baltimore, Gunpowder Falls presents a wildly unique atmosphere. Driving into the park and surrounding area creates a sense of being engulfed by a giant green monster. The leaves on trees, vines, and other undergrowth are a fluorescent green. The whines of the city fade and silence surrounds.

Worries end and trails begin.

While trekking through the tunnel of green squirrels scurry, birds chirp, and fish jump from nearby streams. Occasionally, man-made manifestations of ingenuity make their presence known.

A covered bridge becomes a mixed-media masterpiece in the middle of the forest. Beams, screws, and shingles come together to create a work of functional art.

It's a connector, a protector---a shelter from the storm.

But for me, it's the end of the road.

Lo and behold, my roll still had a few exposures left and I still had a lot of weekend ahead of me. My wanderings took me west to a site I'd become familiar with one year ago: Monocacy National Battlefield.

It's a tale of beauty and hope but also of life and death.

Magnificent estates are surrounded by grassy fields, wildflowers, and remnants of war.

The Monocacy River---the Battlefield's namesake--weaves its way through the fields. It's shallow cool waters are refreshing on warm days.

Despite the craziness of its past, at the moment, it's a pretty peaceful place to be.

Even the cows agree.

Camera: Canon Sure Shot Z115

Film: Kodak Pro Image 100

When: May 2020

Where: Gunpowder Falls & Monocacy National Battlefield, Maryland

Other Images:

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