Roll #59 (Part II): More "George" Things

The day after returning from West Virginia, I headed out to another very "Georgey" place---Georgetown. People-watching was nowhere near as satisfying as it was in Berkeley Springs. No disgruntled teenagers, no chain smoking, just people that have a lot more money than me. Regardless, there were some beautiful sights to see while walking through Georgetown and surrounding neighborhoods.

Residential areas were peaceful. At midday, the streets were rather empty with the heat keeping most indoors.

There was a unique geometry in the leading lines of the dry canal, subtle differences in the windows of adjacent homes, and precision in the metalwork of a staircase.

There was a quiet reverence---spookiness in an empty campus church. the church floor a kaleidoscope as the sun pushed its way through gigantic stained class windows.

Local businesses were boarded up in preparation for looting which had become an unfortunate byproduct of social unrest. Things felt weird. Like the calm before the storm.

While most of us walked, others surfed their way up the Potomac.

As hard as it was for me to believe, I was once again heading home with an incomplete roll. Over the next week I found myself in Ellicott City and Cylburn Mansion wandering aimlessly and struggling to finish off the roll of 36 exposures. Rather than drag this out, here are some of the images taken at each location.

Ellicott City

Cylburn Mansion

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel

Film: Kodak TMAX 400

When: June 2020

Where: Washington, DC; Ellicott City, MD; Baltimore, MD

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