Roll #61: Falling Down


Like a ball thrown to the heavens, after reaching its zenith, Baltimore had nowhere to go but down. Things started so well for a nascent Baltimore but things can change. The years since this beautiful beginning have been unkind. While there is something heart-warming about the decrepit beauty and hope presented by the city and its residents, there is no denying Baltimore is merely a shell of what it once was.

Its doors distressed---a patina of heartbreak lines the frame.

Buildings rise---empty.

There is good and evil in the streets. Some fight for war, others for justice. The smell of corruption, mingled with good intention wafts through the warm summer breeze.

Boats float on the voices unrest, reflecting the disparities of a city in chaos.

Disheartening as it is, there is no time to sulk. The city keeps working, keeps building, keeps evolving.

There is a symmetry in the ugliness. Hope rising from the hurt. With the future uncertain, the city continues the war. While shouting a war cry, it charges to battle---fighting for something better.

Camera: Canon AE-1

Film: Kodak UltraMax 400

When: July 2020

Where: Baltimore, MD

Other Images:

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