Roll #63: Rust Buckets

Rust Bucket (noun): A car ship, or other vehicle which is old and badly rusted.

Rusty Buckets (noun): A collection of one or more buckets which have succumbed to oxidation. [see below]

[insert laugh track here]

I know---it's a terrible pun. If you came here for the first definition, worry not, there will be plenty of these if you stick around or simply scroll through the post.

Because the images from this roll ooze so much rust---so much farm--- so much tractor-ridin', cowboy hat wearin', folky twang goodness...I'll let Kenny Chesney handle today's prose. Without further ado, here is She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy:

Plowing these fields in the hot summer sun

Over by the gate, yonder here she comes

With a basket full of chicken

And a big cold jug of sweet tea

I make a little room and she climbs on up

I open up the throttle and stir a little dust

Look at her face, she ain't a foolin' me

She thinks my tractor's sexy

It really turns her on

She's always starin' at me

While I'm chuggin' along

She likes the way it's pulling

While it's tillin' up the land

She's even kinda crazy

'Bout my farmers tan

She's the only one who really

Understands what gets me

She thinks my tractor's sexy

We ride back and forth till we run out of light

Take it to the barn, put it up for the night

Climb up in the loft, sit and talk with the radio on

She says she's got a dream and I ask what it is

She wants a little farm and a yard full of kids

She ain't into cars or pick up trucks

But if it runs like a deer, man her eyes light up

There you have it folks. That is the type of lyrical genius that it takes to get on the Bilboard Hot 100 and get yourself a piece of coveted, RIAA gold-certified music.

Camera: Kodak Retina IB

Film: Kodak Pro Image 100

When: August 2020

Where: Howard County, MD

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