Roll #65: A Drive-Thru Summer

Sumer 2020 was not a traditional one.

It was a take it or leave it kind of summer. The worst kind of summer. Like a drive-thru meal we received our summer on the go. There was no sitting down to enjoy it. No relaxation. No one bite at a time, followed by enthralling conversation. As we gripped the steering wheel with one hand during our great escape, we stuffed out faces with the other. Fall will likely bring indigestion but it was a necessary evil.

It was a binge-watch type of summer. Not the gripping, thriller, type of binge-watch but the dumpster fire kind of the "so terrible you can't take your eyes away," variety. At the end of it all, we're left with emptiness and regret.

All we had were the fleeting moments. The hours, minutes even, where things seems normal.

Those moments spent waiting in line for some soft serve---albeit masked, but the ice-cream tastes the same. Feeling the warm evening breeze through your window as your ice-cream melts down the sides of the cone.

The afternoon light, like a flicker---signaling not just the end to the day, but also, a season. As the light eventually goes out, our hopes are now aflame. A hope that next summer will bring a little bit of normalcy to our crazy lives. A hope that summer of 2021 will be less of a drive-thru and more of a feast, consumed elbow to elbow.

Camera: Sure Shot Tele 80

Film: Kodak UltraMax 400

When: October 2020

Where: Alexandria, VA & Howard County, MD

Other Images:

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