Roll #66: Exposed

Double exposing is like composing music. Just exchange the notes for frames.

The composer (in this case, the photographer) takes two or more frames and combines them in an attempt to make a harmonious image. Like most music, the resulting images can be hit or miss but the failed attempts are an essential part of the creative process.

Blindly the double exposer juxtaposes light and dark, the plain and complex, the novel and banal.

It's a study in geometry and architecture but it's also a game of luck.

Multiple exposures, like multiple seasons intertwined. A summer's heat browning the autumn leaves before they depart with a cool winter's breeze. It's red, it's orange, it's yellow---dancing across a blue sky.

It's the falling, the fallen and those yet to fall.

It's the rustling on a branch and the crunch underfoot.

It's the old and the new.

It's a lot of things--- but to some it's just leaves on the hood of a car.

As a species we survive.

We park, we walk, we shelter.

We attempt to decode our psyche. To understand that which we cannot comprehend---to catch our shadows.

We say we stand firm but with the slightest breeze we are swept off our feet. Like a leaf, we are carried away. We kick and we scream but the noise and commotion is lost amongst the other leaves blowing helplessly in the wind.

Camera: Canon EOS Kiss III

Film: Kodak Pro Image 100

When: October 2020

Where: Washington, DC & Maryland

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