Roll #68-69 (Part I): Life on Mars

Rusting, reaching, crawling, creeping.

Rock and sand forever meeting.

A grain, a stone, or size unknown.

A world of its own---for many, a home.

To live, to die, to succeed or try.

A novel. A beginning. A tragic end.

An expanse of hills, of grass, of thrills.

Light and dark, a test of wills.

Flashing, blending, clashing, fleeting.

Water and earth's friendly greeting.

A ripple, a wave, an arch, a cave.

An echo rolling near and far.

The dreamer awakes to a life on Mars.

Branches, roots, trunk, leaves.

Filtering through---the light, it cleaves.

Twisted, mangled, reality tangled.

Camera: Canon AE-1

Film: Fomapan 100, Ilford Delta 100

When: December 2020

Where: California

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