Spotlight: Biking Across Austria

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

This roll of film was one of many shot on a cross-country biking trip through Austria. Starting in Passau, on the border of Germany and Austria, my travel partner and I hugged the Danube as we traversed through small riverside Austrian towns, biking all the way to Vienna.

The image below was taken in Hallstatt, an increasingly popular tourist destination, from the opposite view of a popular photo spot.

Travel Photography is such a popular hobby that we can become overly saturated with images from photogenic places that seem to dominate our social media feeds, yet the above shot provides a counter-perspective to the usual imagery associated with the postcard scene. Biking and film photography actually go hand in hand – where the slow approach to your destination allows you to take in the scenes around you and capture what you want to look back on.

Camera: FujiFilm Smart Shot Plus

Film: Kodak ColorPlus 200

When: December 2018 Where: Austria


Annabelle currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana where she studies at Tulane University. She loves to experience new cultures, places and food, and tries to travel as often as her schedule (and wallet) will allow. Annabelle has always admired the immensity of big cities as well as the connectedness (or anonymity) they enable. She loves taking pictures, reading, and is always interested in learning something new. She is passionate about the environment and is constantly thinking of new ways to better preserve the natural beauty around us.

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