What I'm Reading: Film, the Irreplaceable Medium

Film. At one point it was on the brink of destruction. Now it thrives. People just can't get enough of it and many say, it's here to stay.

But why?

Well---have you read my blog? Have you read the dozens of other film blogs on the market?

As we sip our tea, pinkies in the air, we're all saying the same thing:

"Aesthetics"---whatever that means.

It facilitates an unfiltered connection to our own creativity.

It liberates us from apps, filters, and algorithms.

It forces us to learn the basics of light and composition---To be selective in our captures---to slow down and think about the photographic process rather than focus on a digital display.

It is, at times, extremely unpredictable---yet these imperfections are what make it endearing.

It makes us feel quirky and compensates for our relatively boring desk jobs.

It helps us sleep at night.

All snobby comments aside, there is something special about film photography. Just like there is something special about any hobby, whether it be running, cooking, or reading books. It makes us feel good. Sometimes we just can't explain it and that is OK. Just keep doing you. Keep pounding those miles, keep baking banana bread, keep reading Twilight, keep shooting film.

Want to read more? Check out the full Wired article here.

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