What I'm Watching: The Last Roll of Kodachrome

McCurry x Kodachrome.

It sounds like the name of a new streetwear collab that none of us can afford. Fortunately, it's not. It's merely a representation of how closely Steve McCurry's work embodied the creativity and timelessness Kodak wished upon its consumers. His emulsion of choice: Kodak Kodachrome.

If for some reason you're unfamiliar with Steve's work, hopefully the following images ring a bell.

Still nothing? Well how about this---

Yes? OK, good. Now we can move on.

For the film die-hards, Kodachrome is a sacred word. It's a film which created some of the most iconic images in history. It's also a film that no longer exists. In the words of Steve McCurry:

"Kodachrome had more poetry in it, a softness, an elegance. With digital photography, you gain many benefits [but] you have to put in post-production. [With Kodachrome,] you take it out of the box and the pictures are already brilliant."

Unsurprisingly, Steve McCurry was gifted the last roll ever of Kodak Kodachrome and asked to make magic. Here is the story of the last roll in vivid 360p:

Aside from five frames of Robert DeNiro's ugly mug, the roll was a success. The apparent unlimited access McCurry has to people, places, and things for photographical purposes is incredible.

Here are a few of my favorites (all of which were taken in India):

All images used in this article are the creative property of Steve McCurry.

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