What I'm Watching: Why We Still Love Film

You love it.

I love it.

And now, the world is starting to fall in love with FILM!


It's no secret film is experiencing a resurgence. Analog camera prices are up, kids are trolling the streets with their grandfather's SLRs, and new film stocks are being released (or revived) on the daily.

In a time where everyone wants everything NOW, it's interesting that younger generations are buying into a process that---when compared to a digital camera---is downright SLOW. That being said, people just can't get enough of the feel-good vibes which ooze from film. It's palpable.

NBC recently did an interesting documentary about "Analog Photography in the Digital Age" on their BuzzFeed feel-alike platform Left Field. They chat with some of film's YouTube champions like Nick Carver, Matt Day and Willem Verbeek; talk to a shady, opportunistic, borderline parasitic analog camera salesman; shoot the breeze with a high school photography teacher; AND discuss the future of film with Ed Hurley, General Manager of film at Kodak.

An interesting point brought up in the video is the environmental impact of film photography: the paper, the chemicals, the excessive use of water. As the world becomes more aware of the negative impact human's are having on their environment, will our collective desire to reverse this impact cause film photography to *cough* die? Will new, eco-friendly chemicals and development processes help sustain film's revival? We shall see.

It's fun, it's informative, it's worth a watch. Check it out.

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