Why Film: Julieta Trujillo

Digital burst into human life.

Some conceive analog as part of the past, trusting their lives in some stolid arras.

Film contains remnants pixels can’t match.

You load a roll, and sometimes, mid-roll, the back swings open. In the middle of a curse -- you also bless those flaws. You learn to embrace life in its rawest form, to open your eyes, to be ready at any given time.

Film has been part of me for as long as I've had a pulse. As a rug rat; summer days fleeted by as I lay on my stomach, flipping through age-worn, sepia-toned depositories family members left behind. When my eyes met theirs, I couldn’t help but wonder how they felt. Despite the smile upon their lips, all I could see was a longing to escape the mundane; for eyes are the sole human part that never lies.

Since that fateful first acquaintance, I turned to camera lenses for reflection, until film brought answers to my questions. The viewfinder of my Yashica a paradigm shift to life's unseen.

There’s something in waiting for someone to look up or when the car in front of your lens begins to move. Countless possibilities, yet, one chance. One-shot.

Sleep apnea in full consciousness as you stroll down the city at night, camera in hand, and if you’re lucky enough to have a flash - those neon lights will come out bright.

Film is a way of grounding oneself, of staying present, letting go of expectations, future plans, holding on to physical memories one can look up close. You shoot -- then move on. Attention merely focused on life around. With film, I strive to capture stories, feelings, what’s beyond the glass. Connect with it. Express it in a muted way. Photography as a tale. More than an image -- a moment frozen in time.

Unlike people, prints you can keep. A tangible reminder that what you captured, is yours. It becomes part of your path. Memories reminiscent of places and faces you once knew and observed.

There’s without a doubt more to film than I could ever put into words.

If I’m being honest, there’s nothing I desire more, than to inspire whoever reads to translate words, thoughts, emotions, and experiences into echos which help revive their soul.


Characterized for over contemplating the hectic universe around her. Raw, intimate and slightly melodic. Writes in an attempt to codify her mind, plying peculiar words grasped from paperbacks and blogs. Her photographs strive for the receiver to doff the bias and expectation, to the point of observing life as is. Making it about what it means for who sees. A nomadic Mexican who learns through empiricism and believes that good art comes from the heart.

Interested in seeing more?

Website: jejoule.com

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